Karten für Marine und Wassersport

Marine & Wassersport Karten

BlueChart-Seekarten zählen zur exklusiven Marine-Kartografie von Garmin.
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Aktuellste Seekarten

Mit der New Chart-Garantie haben Sie auf dem Wasser immer die aktuellsten Karten.

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Garmin HomePort

Nehmen Sie zu Hause auf dem Computer mit HomePort die Wegpunkt-, Routen- und Zeitplanung vor.

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Karten kaufen

Bleiben Sie immer auf dem aktuellen Stand, zeigen Sie BlueChart g2- oder g2 Vision-Regionen an, und wählen Sie sie aus.

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BlueChart® g2 Vision

BlueChart® g2 Vision® is our premium marine cartography for use with Garmin chartplotters that enhances your navigational experience. In addition to highly detailed nautical chart data, BlueChart g2 Vision includes all the features of BlueChart® g2 maps plus Auto Guidance, 3-D above and below the waterline, aerial photos, satellite imagery and coastal roads as well as points of interest.

BlueChart® g2

BlueChart® g2 provides detailed nautical chart data, in vector format, on Garmin chartplotters and handhelds. See your vessel’s precise, on-chart position in relation to navaids, spot soundings, coastal features, anchorages, port plans, waterways, obstructions, restricted areas and more. Coverage is available worldwide in regional offerings.

Garmin LakeVü™ HD

These highly detailed freshwater maps include 17,000+ U.S. lakes, rivers and reservoirs. Included in those are more than 5,700 HD lakes with 1’ contours shoreline to shoreline; excellent detail of underwater features plus Safety Shading that allows you to designate a minimum depth; interstates, highways, general roads and bridges; designated fishing areas; and points of interest, such as docks, boat ramps, marinas and campgrounds.