GHP™ 12 Autopilot System

Part Number: 010-00705-40
$2,599.00 AUD
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Auto-guided Navigation for Sailboaters

  • Full-featured marine autopilot for 20- to 70-ft sailboats
  • Three linear drives available capable of driving different steering systems
  • Supports heading hold, wind hold, step turns, tack/jibe and much more
  • Controlled using a GHC™ helm control unit and is compatible with the GHC remote and quatix® marine watch
  • NMEA 2000® connectivity

The GHP 12 brings Garmin’s full-featured marine autopilot technology to the sailing community. This second-generation autopilot is designed for 20- to 70-foot sailboats with linear-actuated steering systems.

Enjoy Simplified Sailing

Using the GHP 12 sailboat autopilot system is like having an extra set of hands aboard your vessel. When interfaced with Garmin's GWS 10 or compatible wind sensor, GPS and network electronics (all sold separately), the GHP 12 can support heading hold, wind hold, step turns, tack/jibe and much more. This allows you to safely attend to your sails, lines, winches and radios without worry.

Connect to Networked Devices

The GHP 12 is accessed through the GHC™ 10 helm control unit, which is fully NMEA 2000® certified. In addition to easy installation, NMEA 2000 compatibility allows you to share autopilot heading data with other devices on your network, including Garmin chartplotters that can provide GPS-enabled route guidance. The GHP 12 supports both linear actuated steering systems on sailboats on a single system. For sailboat applications there are two linear drives available from Garmin capable of driving many different steering systems to fit almost any midsize to large sailboat (depending on the particular installation):

  • Class A Drive Unit - For sailboats with up to 28,500 lbs of displacement.
  • Class B Drive Unit - For larger sailboats with up to 79,000 lbs of displacement.

NMEA 2000 Compatible


CCU dimensions: 3.6 " diameter (9.1 cm diameter)

ECU dimensions: 6.6 " x 4.6 " x 2.1 " (16.8 x 11.7 x 5.3 cm)

Supply voltage: 10 V to 30 V

Operating temperature: -15° C to 60 C° (5° F to 140° F)

Maximum sustained motor current: 15A

Maximum instantaneous motor current: 40A

Maximum clutch current: 2.5A

GHC 10 specifications

GHC 20 specifications

In the Box

What's in the box:

  • GHC™ helm control unit
  • GHP 12 Electronics Control Unit (ECU)
  • GHP 12 Course Computer Unit (CCU)
  • CCU/ECU interconnect cable (with threaded collar)
  • Buzzer
  • GHC cable
  • 2 NMEA 2000® drop cable (2 m)
  • ECU power cable (with threaded collar)
  • NMEA 2000 power cable
  • 3 NMEA 2000 T-connectors
  • 1 male and 1 female terminator
  • Documentation


Compatible Devices

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