Traffic Solutions

Traffic Solutions
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GDL® 39 3D

Provides subscription-free aviation weather and advanced ADS-B traffic alerting on your aviation portable or mobile device loaded with Garmin Pilot.

GDL® 88

A certified dual-link ADS-B solution, the GDL 88 provides a path to ADS-B “out” compliance and brings subscription-free weather and advanced datalink traffic information to the cockpit.

GTX 330

GTX 330 is a 250 W all-digital Mode S transponder that’s IFR-certified and offers a Traffic Information Service (TIS-A) interface. It includes a pilot selectable data field and provides ADS-B “Out” with optional extended squitter (ES) for compliance in al altitudes and every country.

GTX 33

The all-digital GTX 33 remote transponder offers datalink traffic capabilities and 250 W of output. It integrates with a wide arrange of navigation systems and optionally provides ADS-B “Out” with extended squitter for compliance in all altitudes and every country.

GTS™ 825 TAS

Designed for high-performance aircraft, the GTS 825 combines active and ADS-B traffic surveillance to track up to 75 targets and warn you of potential conflicts.


Recommended for today’s higher-capability cabin class turboprops and business/regional jets, the GTS 855 offers TCAS I traffic surveillance to give you an extra set of eyes in the sky.


As a TCAS II component, the GTS 8000 takes traffic surveillance to new levels. It not only provides a clear picture of traffic targets, but can also issue maneuver commands to direct you away from immediate conflicts.


Satisfies all TCAS I collision avoidance criteria for higher-capability turboprops and jets. Garmin CLEAR CAS™ enables both active and passive surveillance with 1090 MHz ADS-B “In” capability.

GTS™ 820 TAS

TAS traffic alerting for faster and higher-performing aircraft. Combines active/passive surveillance, 250-watt output (for up to 40 miles of active surveillance), and Garmin CLEAR CAS™ with ADS-B “In” capability.

GTS™ 800 TAS

An affordable 40-watt TAS traffic alerting system that is well suited to most light helicopters and piston aircraft. Features exclusive CLEAR CAS™ technology with up to 12 miles of active surveillance and ADS-B “In” capability.


An affordable, full-featured remote digital transponder for Mode S traffic surveillance.