GNC® 250

Part Number: 010-00099-00


The Garmin GNC 250 is a full-featured VFR navcom that offers pilots powerful panel mount convenience in a space-saving package. With a proven Garmin GPS receiver and a fully TSO'd, 760-channel digital transceiver, the GNC 250 is an all-purpose system that's versatile, easy to use, and very affordable.

On the NAV side, the GNC 250 provides clear, accurate navigation data from takeoff to touchdown, complete with a full American, International or Worldwide Jeppesen® database, sectorized airspaces, and MSAs. And with 20 reversible flight plans, 1,000 user waypoints, nearest waypoint search, user checklists and one-touch direct-to navigation, you'll see just how easy GPS flying can be.

Add in a full complement of comm features like instant standby and emergency channel select, automatic squelch, and convenient selection of frequencies right from the GPS database, and you get a complete package that's an ideal choice for new/experimental installations or for updating a crowded panel with the technology that's taking aviation into the next century.

In the Box

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