GPS 15H/15L™

Part Number: 010-00240-07


The GPS 15H and 15L are small, highly-accurate sensors designed for a variety of OEM applications, including car navigation, wireless communications, marine navigation and mapping.

Get Accurate Data

These 12-channel sensors are WAAS-capable, so they can determine your position to within 3 meters — without using an external DGPS beacon receiver. They also offer excellent EMI/RFI performance, so you can use them near mobile computing devices and wireless communications equipment without worrying about interference.

Roughly the size of a matchbook, the GPS 15H and 15L weigh approximately 15 grams. They both offer an RS-232 interface and one pulse per second (PPS) timing.

  • GPS 15H — operates on 8-40 volts
  • GPS 15L — operates on 3.3-5 volts
WAAS enabled

In the Box

  • GPS 15H or 15L