Cyclops™ Dangerous Zones, France

Part Number: 010-11499-00
$34.99 CAD
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Drive fully aware of dangerous zones, such as traffic light crossings, rail crossings and accident black spots, with the help of this safety database built into your device.

Your device will be linked to the Cyclops traffic safety database, which is updated daily with information about known accident black spots. As you approach one of these hazardous areas, your device sounds an alert to warn you.

Our 1 year subscription provides unlimited updates throughout the year so you can travel safely and legally.

Not sure if you are interested in a subscription? A one-time download or 30-day free trial may be available for your region.



Use with 1 Device Only

This product may be used on 1 compatible device. You must purchase separate quantities for each registered device. To get the safety camera updates, you will need to download them to your device via USB cable.

Compatible Devices