BlueChart® g2 Vision®

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Based on the standard BlueChart g2 features, BlueChart g2 Vision provides premium mapping and graphics capabilities.

Plug a BlueChart g2 Vision card into your compatible chartplotter's SD™ card slot to tremendously expand its mapping capabilities.

Enter the World of Auto Guidance

Auto Guidance

By adding a BlueChart g2 Vision card to your compatible chartplotter, you can take advantage of patented Garmin Auto Guidance technology. Enter the location where you want to go and Auto Guidance instantly searches through relevant charts to create a safe path specifically designed for the dimensions of your boat. Auto Guidance provides a visual path that avoids low bridges, shallow water and other charted obstructions. This allows you to travel to your destination with great peace of mind. But Auto Guidance is even more amazing when it is coupled with a Garmin autopilot system. Engage your compatible autopilot to follow the Auto Guidance route, and it will keep you on route, automatically.

Enhance Your Vision

High-resolution satellite imagery enhances chart depictions for superior situational awareness so you can navigate with a clear moving-map representation of your boat’s position. It's our most realistic mapping display in a chartplotter.

Auto Guidance searches though all relevant charts to create a route that avoids obstacles, shallow water, buoys and other obstructions.

Fishing Mode

Navigation Mode

High resolution imagery with navigational charts overlaid gives you a realistic view of your surroundings.

Crystal clear aerial photography shows exceptional detail of many ports, harbors and marinas.

MarinerEye view provides a 3-D representation of the surrounding area both above and below the waterline.

FishEye view provides a 3-D representation of the ocean floor as seen from below the waterline

Get the Best View

BlueChart g2 Vision data lets you select true 3-D MarinerEye view or FishEye view perspective for dynamic views both above and below the waterline. Auto Guidance technology suggests the best routes to follow.

Aerial photos of ports, harbors, marinas, waterways and coastal roads help you see "the big picture" when you’re on the water.

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