Trip and Waypoint Manager

Part Number: 010-10215-04


Make trip planning simple for your next outdoor adventure with MapSource® Trip and Waypoint Manager. This computer software allows you to transfer waypoints, routes and tracks between your device and your computer. For reference, Trip and Waypoint Manager provides general worldwide maps that include interstates, motorways, political boundaries, principal cities and towns, oceans and other general reference details to place your GPS data in context.


  • Provides basic worldwide maps to help you understand your GPS data in context, including major interstates, boundaries, oceans, principal cities and towns, and other general reference details.
  • Offers an easy and convenient way to archive your GPS data for future use.
  • Does not contain detailed maps. You cannot use this product to load maps to your device.


CD Requirements

Make sure your device is compatible with this product before purchasing.

Contains no detailed maps. You cannot use this product to update the preloaded maps on your device. To update the preloaded maps on your device, visit our Update Maps page.

Minimum System Requirements

Internet access is required. Includes USB device drivers.

  • Windows 2000 or newer
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Minimum 1024 x 768 display
  • 24-bit color monitor
  • 2 GB free disk space
  • USB port
  • CD-ROM drive

Compatible Devices