GPS II Plus™

Part Number: 010-00128-00


Hot on the heels of the revolutionary GPS II comes Garmin's high-powered switchable handheld: the GPS II Plus. Featuring a 12 parallel channel receiver for quick satellite acquisition and enhanced reception, the GPS II Plus is designed to track any over-the-road journey and offroad adventure you have in mind. This compact GPS features a state-of-the-art two-way screen display for vertical or horizontal orientation — which makes it easy to go from your vehicle to the hiking trail.

With an external antenna for GPS reception, the GPS II Plus also boasts dedicated zoom keys, waypoint symbols, diagonal panning, auto start/stop trip timer, and average and maximum speed recordings. Four AA batteries provide up to 24 hours of accurate tracking and precise navigation.

Now the same pinpoint guidance used by pilots the world over is conveniently available to adventurers, regardless of their transportation means: 4x4, ATV, bicycle, motorcycle, snowmobile, boat or on foot.

In the Box

  • GPS II Plus with detachable antenna
  • Database: City Point Database
  • Hook and loop fastener mount
  • Wrist strap
  • Owner's manual