Garmin Connect™ Mobile


Part Number: 010-D1303-02


  • Requires Garmin Edge® 510 or 810 cycling computer
  • Share activities as they happen with live tracking
  • Upload rides wirelessly to Garmin Connect™
  • See current and forecasted weather on Edge device
  • Wirelessly download courses to your device¹

Garmin Connect Mobile turns your Garmin Edge® 510 or 810 cycling computer into a connected device capable of sharing your activities as they happen and wirelessly uploading to Garmin Connect™. The app also puts weather data right at your fingertips and allows you to wirelessly download courses to use on your rides¹.

Never Ride Alone

With the live tracking feature, your friends and family can follow your races and training activities in real time. Just pair your smartphone running Garmin Connect Mobile with your Edge® 510 or 810, then invite followers via email or social media to view your live data on a Garmin Connect tracking page. Once they get your invite, they can follow your position on a map², as well as track time elapsed, distance, speed, and elevation in real time. If you're using ANT+ accessories like a speed/cadence sensor or heart rate monitor, they can view that data as well.

Garmin Connect Mobile

Upload Activities, Download Courses

Garmin Connect Mobile allows you to wirelessly upload your completed activities so you can instantly store, share and analyze every aspect of your ride. You choose whether activities upload automatically or manually. Once your workouts post to Garmin Connect, your "connections" can view them and you can share them over your social media networks.

The app also lets you search your courses and workouts and send them directly to your Edge® 510 or 810¹. From there, you can use them for navigation or to race against your previous times using the Virtual Partner® feature.

Track Weather

Get real-time weather conditions, forecasts and alerts directly on your Edge® 510 or 810 when it's paired with Garmin Connect Mobile on your phone. It puts the decision-making data you need at your fingertips while ensuring that your phone can stay safe and dry.

Acquire Satellites Quickly

Jump in the saddle and go with Garmin Connect Mobile. The app can help your device predict where GPS satellites are located in the sky, so it spends less time searching for signals before you're ready to ride.

¹Workout and course downloads coming soon to Android.

²Use with caution. Any time you post via Facebook® or Twitter®, the link will be available to anyone with access to your Facebook or Twitter profiles.



Available for download on the App Store.


Available for download in the Google Play store.

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