Garmin Connect™ Mobile


Part Number: 010-D1303-01


Connect to Your Fitness Data on the Go

  • View all of your activities stored at Garmin Connect™
  • Wirelessly upload activities to Garmin Connect
  • Share activities as they happen with live tracking
  • Use connected features on your compatible fitness device

Garmin Connect Mobile gives you fingertip access to all of your Garmin Connect data — anytime, anywhere. Charts, graphs, maps and more let you view activities, track progress toward goals and more. When used with compatible Garmin devices, you can even share your activities as they happen, wirelessly upload activities and more.

Track Your Activities

If you workout or compete with an Edge® cycling computer, Forerunner® running watch or fēnix™ outdoor watch, all of the Garmin Connect data you rely on is right here in the app. Examine the maps and stats from your individual activities or analyse your progress with charts and graphs.

Upload data from your vivofit® fitness band to track your progress while you’re on the go. You’ll be able to keep tabs on your total steps and progress toward your goal, how long you’ve been sedentary, sleep patterns and more.

Connect Your Devices On the Go

Garmin Connect Mobile unlocks the full potential of connected fitness devices. Upload data from your compatible device right to Garmin Connect. Send courses and workouts right to your device. Let your friends and family follow your running/cycling races and training activities in real time using the Live Track feature. And get real-time weather conditions, forecasts and alerts directly on your connected Edge.

Track Your Golf Game

Want to know what you shot the last time you played a specific hole? Look it up on your phone with Garmin Connect Mobile. Online scorecards also give you fairways hit, shot distance and number of puts. You can also access many other stats like your longest shots, average score and more.



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