Garmin Mechanic™


Use in conjunction with ecoRoute™ HD hardware

Part Number: 010-D1095-00


Transform your smartphone into your personal mechanic with Garmin Mechanic. Pair our ecoRoute™ HD module in your car with Garmin Mechanic on your Bluetooth®-enabled smartphone to view specific performance information for multiple vehicles.

Monitor Vehicle Systems

Using Garmin Mechanic's customizable live gauges, you can monitor just about anything on your vehicle, including RPM, throttle position and intake manifold pressure. Calculate your vehicle's horsepower and torque, and use the Skidpad to measure lateral acceleration.

Get Performance Data and Vehicle Diagnostics

Garmin Mechanic offers extensive performance readings based on a combination of acceleration, time and vehicle weight. With built-in vehicle diagnosis capabilities, you receive error codes and the ability to reset your vehicle's check engine light. Garmin Mechanic provides detailed system information to ensure you reach optimal performance.

Get Data When You Need It

Vehicle statistics are logged with interactive graphs and can be exported to Microsoft® Excel® as .csv files at anytime. Garmin Mechanic's ability to track speed, fuel economy and other live data for multiple vehicles ensures that you receive complete and accurate information on all your vehicles.

Always operate your vehicle in a safe manner and obey traffic regulations. Some functions of this application are not designed for use on public roadways.


  • Access real-time performance data for your vehicle
  • View live gauges for RPM, speed, intake manifold pressure, coolant temperature, timing advance, throttle position and more
  • Measure your vehicle's 0–30, 0–60, 1/8-mile and 1/4-mile times
  • Calculate your vehicle's horsepower and torque
  • Measure lateral acceleration with the Skidpad
  • Calculate your instant and average fuel economy over multiple trips
  • Record live OBD data, and export it for analysis
  • Track and collect data on multiple vehicles
  • Diagnose and reset your check engine light
  • Check your vehicle's self-test status for emissions certification



Available for download in the Google Play store. You can also find it in the Play store on your smartphone by searching for "Garmin Mechanic" or by capturing the QR code.



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