TOPO Slovakia v4

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Outdoor enthusiasts: your adventure is waiting. Explore numerous national parks and preserves in Slovakia with topographic map data for your device. Search thousands of points of interest as well as hundreds of miles of hiking and cycling trails.

  • Provides digital topographic maps, with routing on hiking and cycling trails
  • Displays more than 60,000 searchable points of interest, such as marked tourist and cyclist trails, names of hills with altitudes, hotels and gas stations
  • Contains full coverage of road and street networks, including more than 20,000 km (12,400 mi) of hiking paths and cycling trails
  • Shows Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and contour lines with 25 m (82 ft) intervals to help you visualize your trip
  • Displays rivers, lakes, railways, national parks, protected areas and more

This product was made by an independent licensed third party mapping product developer. We make no representations or warranties about the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the supplier map product or its content. For product support, please contact


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Features digital topographic maps for Slovakia.

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