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GAD 42

Remote adapter unit enhances the data interface capabilities for some GPS receivers capable of transmitting and receiving ARINC 429 serial data.

GRC 10 Remote Control

For inflight audio aficionados, this optional remote controller offers wireless access to SiriusXM Satellite Radio channels from any seat in the aircraft. Requires GDL 69 and XM radio subscription.

GDL 59 – Data Logger & Wi-Fi Datalink

The GDL 59 is a flight parameter recorder with a high-speed Wi-Fi transceiver. Data from the GDL 59 can be transmitted wirelessly to the aircraft manufacturer for detailed aircraft monitoring.


A complete and integrated glass flight deck system, typically configured as a 2-display or 3-display system, with flat screens ranging in size from 10"–15".


Touchscreen control units provide fully integrated systems management to the flight decks of medium-lift turbine helicopters.