Part Number: 013-00107-00


The SL70/70R is the smallest, most powerful transponder available, loaded with features and built for years of dependable use. The SL70/70R's high performance Mode A/C transponder is designed for both highly accurate VFR and IFR operation. The SL70R is a Remote Transponder that can be controlled by the GNS480.

The SL70/70R is the smallest, most powerful Mode A/C transponder on the market.

It meets all requirements for use in both VFR and IFR operations. The SL70/70R Slimline Transponder is designed to work together with other Garmin avionics such as the GX and Slimline series GPS receivers. It provides altitude information required for VNAV and IFR operations through a serial data connection. Pressure altitude can be provided to the SL70/70R via a gray code blind encoder or a serial data blind encoder. This pressure altitude information is displayed on the transponder display.

WAAS enabled

In the Box

  • SL70 or 70R
  • Install kit
  • Manual kit