nüLink!® 1695 European Basic Service Renewal

This is to notify you that we have made the business decision to discontinue nüLink!® services as of January 1st, 2016.

Part Number: 010-D0876-00


Renew the nüLink! Basic Service that came with your nüLink! 1695 and keep navigating like a local! This one-year renewal subscription allows you to continue using nüLink! Services like traffic, weather, movie times and other real-time content.

The nüLink! Basic Service also allows you to purchase additional premium services from the nüLink! Store. Add safety camera alerts, advanced weather and more.


nüLink! Basic Services include:

  • Real-time Traffic
  • Weather
  • Fuel Prices¹
  • Movie Times
  • Flight Status
  • Local Events
  • Send to GPS
  • Converter
  • Wireless myGarmin Services

¹Does not include fuel price data for the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain, France, Belgium or Luxembourg.

Compatible Devices