Sonar Modules

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GSD™ 26 CHIRP Professional Sonar Module

Experience incredible clarity and detail from shallow to deep water. GSD™ 26 features CHIRP technology — continuous sweep of frequencies ranging from low to high which puts more energy on the target to provide images so crisp you can actually distinguish between small and closely spaced fish at key fishing depths.

$1,999.99 USD

GSD™ 25 Premium Sonar Module

Designed for the avid to serious fisherman, the GSD™ 25 premium sonar module provides both true 1 kW CHIRP sonar along with Garmin CHIRP SideVü and DownVü scanning sonar.

$899.99 USD

GSD™ 24 Advanced Sonar Module

Powerful, dual-frequency remote sonar with selectable transmit power up to 2 kW to provide pinpoint accuracy at depths of up to 5,000 feet (1,500 m). You get enhanced separation of images and deeper bottom detection for a clear view of fish, terrain and structure on your compatible Garmin chartplotter.

$699.99 USD

GSD™ 22 Digital Remote Sounder

Black-box remote sonar connects to your compatible Garmin chartplotter over the Garmin Marine network; transmits at up to 2 kW, depending on your transducer, to provide high-speed data returns and crisp detail.

$499.99 USD