Portable GPS

Portable GPS
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$649.00 USD
$699.00 USD Save $50.00 USD


Pilot watch with high-sensitivity WAAS GPS receiver, altimeter with adjustable baro setting, and 3-axis compass. Displays multiple time zones with Zulu/UTC reference; wirelessly receives flight plan from Garmin Pilot.

$449.00 USD

VIRB® Elite for Aviation Bundle

Includes everything you need to film your flights in full, high-contrast, undistorted 1080p quality.

$429.00 USD

GLO™ for Aviation

This Bluetooth-enabled GPS/GLONASS receiver provides precise position information for your compatible iPad, iPhone or Android device.

$99.00 USD and Up

GDL® 39

Provides subscription-free aviation weather and advanced ADS-B traffic alerting on your aviation portable or mobile device loaded with Garmin Pilot.

$639.00 USD

aera® 796

7" dual-orientation touchscreen display, 3D Vision technology, electronic flight bag capabilities and optional XM WX Satellite Weather.

$1,699.00 USD

aera® 795

7" dual-orientation touchscreen display, 3D Vision technology and electronic flight bag capabilities.

$1,699.00 USD


All-in-one portable GPS navigator combines MFD mapping and data with key functions of a Class 1/Class 2 electronic flight bag. Also supports XM weather and audio (subscription required).


Similar to the GPSMAP 696, but without XM compatibility. Large-format portable with a 7" high-definition display and detailed electronic IFR charts.

$1,499.00 USD

aera® 560

High-resolution 9 arc-second graphics with support for XM WX Satellite Weather. Preloaded with SafeTaxi charts, AOPA Airport Directory, City Navigator NT street maps and support for premium auto features.

$999.00 USD

aera® 550

Detailed aviation and automotive maps with preloaded SafeTaxi charts and AOPA Airport Directory data. High-resolution 9 arc-second terrain graphics and built-in support for premium auto navigation and traffic.

$999.00 USD

aera® 510

Detailed terrain maps, our patented panel page, preloaded street maps and touchscreen control, and support for NEXRAD imaging and SiriusXM Satellite Weather.

$599.00 USD

aera® 500

4.3" QVGA wide-format screen; preloaded graphical mapping and City Navigator NT street maps.

$599.00 USD