Government & Military

To help reduce program costs, development risks and time-to-market intervals for vital military and government flight systems applications, Garmin offers a wide range of proven commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions. Contact us for specific information on avionics systems and interfaces that can be adapted to meet your agency’s specific requirements.

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G5000® for Beechjet

Combining a touchscreen pilot interface with multi-sensor FMS and wide multi-pane glass displays, this is Garmin’s top-level upgrade solution for your Beechjet 400A or Hawker 400XP flight deck.


The first touchscreen-controlled glass flight deck designed for high-end turbine aircraft brings our signature flight technology to a variety of crew-flown business jets.


Touchscreen-controlled, integrated flight deck system for use in light turbine aircraft. Features extra-wide format WXGA displays with split-screen viewing functionality and realistic terrain simulation in 3-D perspective with SVT™ Synthetic Vision Technology.


The industry benchmark for flight deck versatility and performance, designed to fit a broad range of aircraft models — from piston singles to business jets. Typically configured as a 2-display or 3-display system in 10-inch, 12-inch and 15-inch screens.


An integrated integrated glass flight deck system for OEM installation and certification.

SVT™ for G1000®

SVT™ Synthetic Vision Technology recreates a visual topographic landscape from the G600/G500 system’s terrain-alerting database.

SVT™ for G600/G500

SVT™ Synthetic Vision Technology recreates a visual topographic landscape from the G600/G500 system’s terrain-alerting database.


Provides “forward looking” terrain avoidance (FLTA) capability to help keep pilots safely separated from hazardous terrain and obstacles.


As a TCAS II component, the GTS 8000 takes traffic surveillance to new levels. It not only provides a clear picture of traffic targets, but can also issue maneuver commands to direct you away from immediate conflicts.


Recommended for today’s higher-capability cabin class turboprops and business/regional jets, the GTS 855 offers TCAS I traffic surveillance to give you an extra set of eyes in the sky.

GTS™ 825 TAS

Designed for high-performance aircraft, the GTS 825 combines active and ADS-B traffic surveillance to track up to 75 targets and warn you of potential conflicts.

GWX™ 70

Ultra-reliable, solid-state weather radar that provides affordable Doppler storm tracking and optional features like turbulence detection and ground clutter suppression.

GDL® 69/69A SXM

Taking weather awareness to new heights, this remote XM satellite datalink receiver brings NEXRAD images and other updates directly to the cockpit (subscription required).

GTX 3000

Created to meet the unique demands of transport category aircraft, the GTX 3000 Mode S ES remote transponder features robust capabilities like ADS-B “Out” transmission and TCAS II/ACAS II compatibility.

GTX 330

GTX 330 is a 250 W all-digital Mode S transponder that’s IFR-certified and offers a Traffic Information Service (TIS-A) interface. It includes a pilot selectable data field and provides ADS-B “Out” with optional extended squitter (ES) for compliance in al altitudes and every country.

GTX 33

The all-digital GTX 33 remote transponder offers datalink traffic capabilities and 250 W of output. It integrates with a wide arrange of navigation systems and optionally provides ADS-B “Out” with extended squitter for compliance in all altitudes and every country.

GRA™ 5500

Know exactly how much room you have to maneuver with the all-digital GRA 5500 radar altimeter. In addition to providing accurate altitude above ground, it can serve as an integral part of your Class A TAWS, TCAS II or CAT II ILS solution.