Government & Military

To help reduce program costs, development risks and time-to-market intervals for vital military and government flight systems applications, Garmin offers a wide range of proven commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions. Contact us for specific information on avionics systems and interfaces that can be adapted to meet your agency’s specific requirements.

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G5000® for Beechjet

Combining a touchscreen pilot interface with multi-sensor FMS and wide multi-pane glass displays, this is Garmin’s top-level upgrade solution for your Beechjet 400A or Hawker 400XP flight deck.


The first touchscreen-controlled glass flight deck designed for high-end turbine aircraft brings our signature flight technology to a variety of crew-flown business jets.


Touchscreen-controlled, integrated flight deck system for use in light turbine aircraft. Features extra-wide format WXGA displays with split-screen viewing functionality and realistic terrain simulation in 3-D perspective with SVT™ Synthetic Vision Technology.


The industry benchmark for flight deck versatility and performance, designed to fit a broad range of aircraft models — from piston singles to business jets. Typically configured as a 2-display or 3-display system in 10-inch, 12-inch and 15-inch screens.


An integrated integrated glass flight deck system for OEM installation and certification.

SVT™ for G1000®

SVT™ Synthetic Vision Technology recreates a visual topographic landscape from the G600/G500 system’s terrain-alerting database.

SVT™ for G600/G500

SVT™ Synthetic Vision Technology recreates a visual topographic landscape from the G600/G500 system’s terrain-alerting database.


Provides “forward looking” terrain avoidance (FLTA) capability to help keep pilots safely separated from hazardous terrain and obstacles.


As a TCAS II component, the GTS 8000 takes traffic surveillance to new levels. It not only provides a clear picture of traffic targets, but can also issue maneuver commands to direct you away from immediate conflicts.


Recommended for today’s higher-capability cabin class turboprops and business/regional jets, the GTS 855 offers TCAS I traffic surveillance to give you an extra set of eyes in the sky.

GTS™ 825 TAS

Designed for high-performance aircraft, the GTS 825 combines active and ADS-B traffic surveillance to track up to 75 targets and warn you of potential conflicts.

GWX™ 70

Ultra-reliable, solid-state weather radar that provides affordable Doppler storm tracking and optional features like turbulence detection and ground clutter suppression.

GDL® 69/69A SXM

Taking weather awareness to new heights, this remote XM satellite datalink receiver brings NEXRAD images and other updates directly to the cockpit (subscription required).

GMA™ 340

Digital TSO’d audio panel features LED-lit buttons for audio selection of nav and comm audio – as well as split comm capability for pilot and co-pilot.

GTX 3000

Created to meet the unique demands of transport category aircraft, the GTX 3000 Mode S ES remote transponder features robust capabilities like ADS-B “Out” transmission and TCAS II/ACAS II compatibility.

GTX 330

GTX 330 is a 250 W all-digital Mode S transponder that’s IFR-certified and offers a Traffic Information Service (TIS-A) interface. It includes a pilot selectable data field and provides ADS-B “Out” with optional extended squitter (ES) for compliance in al altitudes and every country.

GTX 33

The all-digital GTX 33 remote transponder offers datalink traffic capabilities and 250 W of output. It integrates with a wide arrange of navigation systems and optionally provides ADS-B “Out” with extended squitter for compliance in all altitudes and every country.