Garmin Lakes Map Update Card

Part Number: 010-D1208-00
$69.99 USD
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A 4GB microSD/SD card and card reader are required for this download.

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This preprogrammed update card for your chartplotter gives you detailed maps of more than 17,000 freshwater lakes, reservoirs and rivers throughout the U.S. View sharp, colorful graphics and an even smoother presentation of lake data.

This package contains Garmin Lakes map data and a software update for your device. You must perform the software update on your device before this map will work. The card must be removed from the device after the update is completed.

  • View detailed shoreline, shaded depth contours, coastlines, streams and channels.
  • Includes Safety Shading so you can input and shade minimum depth on your compatible device.
  • Displays high-definition shoreline and bathymetry on select lakes as well as data on tide prediction stations.
  • Shows interstates, highways and general roads to help you get to the water; also shows boat ramps, fuel stations, marinas, campgrounds and fishing locations (where available).


To update maps using this card:

  1. Press the Power key to turn on the device. Do not turn off the device during the update process.
  2. After the Home screen appears, insert the card into the device. The Data Card screen appears.
  3. If software does not support reading the built-in map update from the card, the following message will appear: "Map Format Is Not Supported."
  4. Acknowledge this message.
  5. Select "Update Software" to update the device's software. Do not remove the update card until the software update is complete. This process takes several minutes.
  6. After the software update is complete, the unit will automatically restart. Wait for the unit to turn back on.
  7. Remove the card from the unit. Wait a few seconds and make sure the Home screen appears.
  8. Insert the card back into the device. The Data Card screen should appear again.
  9. Select Manage Card. Then, press Update Built-In Map to overwrite the map on the chartplotter's internal memory. This may take a long period of time.
  10. Once the internal map is replaced, the unit will automatically restart. After the unit restarts, Remove the data card. The data card does not need to remain in the unit to view the Garmin Lakes map.

The device is now ready to use.


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Features comprehensive coverage of more than 17,000 freshwater lakes throughout the continental U.S.

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