nüLink!™ Services (U.S.)

Part Number: 010-D1007-00
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The network connectivity provider for your nüLink-enabled navigation device has decided to cease operations of its 2G network. Unfortunately, the third party services necessary to support the network connectivity operations of your nüLink connected services will be impacted. Due to these circumstances, after March 4th, 2015 your nüLink-enabled navigation device unit will no longer be enabled with connected services.

nüLink subscriptions (new or renewals) will not be available for purchase after March 4th, 2014. This impacts service such as real-time traffic, weather, flight status, send to GPS, white pages, and myGarmin services. All services will be terminated on March 4th, 2015. Connections to these services could be impacted over the next year.

Please note that this change only impacts the nüLink subscription – the core navigation functions of the device remain unchanged.


This subscription allows you to use U.S. nüLink! services on your nüvi 1690.

With this purchase, you’ll receive 1 year of U.S. nüLink! services. After you check out, simply follow the on-screen instructions to activate your subscription.

nüLink! services and nüLink! traffic services are only available in select coverage areas.


  • Real-time traffic
  • Weather
  • Flight status
  • Send to GPS
  • Currency converter
  • White Pages
  • Wireless myGarmin™ services

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