Airmar CM599LH

Part Number: 010-11813-20
$3,049.99 USD
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This pocket mounted transducer uses very narrow beams and low/high frequencies to send depth and temperature as well as sonar return data to your Garmin Marine Network.

A pocket version of the Airmar R599LH, this 2 to 3 kW barewire bronze transducer has a maximum depth of 10,000 ft; an operating frequency of 28 to 60 kHz and 130 to 210 kHz; and a beamwidth of 9x23 degrees and 4 to 8 degrees. The pocket mount is installation dependent.

Transducer kit comes with installation instructions. Follow the instructions carefully to avoid damaging your boat.

This transducer is not ideal for shallow water fishing.

Compatible Devices