Fishing My-Cast®

Part Number: 010-00FMC-AP

No longer available for purchase. Support will continue through June 30, 2016.


Want to catch more fish? And have more fun doing it? Fishing My-Cast by Garmin is the Android™ app that can turn your smartphone or mobile device into a real "fisherman’s friend." Use it to plan trips, keep an eye on the weather and record where the big ones are biting – with a detailed log of your catches keyed to photos that you can share. Fishing My-Cast gives you the tools and information you need for more successful fishing.

Proof Is In The Pictures

Not only does Fishing My-Cast help you locate and mark the best fishing hot spots, but it also provides all the visual proof you need to verify your "bragging rights." You can maintain a photo catch log to record as much, or as little, information as you want, including the size of your catch, what lure you were using, what kind of structure or weather conditions were present and what techniques you used to land that trophy fish. Weather and water conditions also are recorded automatically. And catch icons can be logged as waypoints on your map, so you’ll know how to return to those spots where you did some of your best fishing. The fish log is a great way to track your successes throughout the season and note patterns in fish activity that you can use for the future.

Better Choices Make for Better Fishing

Fishing My-Cast also includes a complete package of weather reports, forecasts and radar imagery, plus fish activity, navigation and planning tools to help you target the best times and places to go fishing. The fish activity forecast goes out 30 days and is based on sun and moon positions. Once you’ve picked a day that looks promising, it’s easy to zero in with hour-by-hour information to see if it’s worth getting up early or staying out late. Then, before you launch, you can use the high-resolution Doppler radar images to keep an eye on any changing weather patterns or approaching storm activity. You also can add optional lightning and severe weather alerts, so you’re not surprised by any sudden squalls or frontal activity that might blow up while you’re out on the water.

With Fishing My-Cast, you hold the key to a great fishing future – right in the palm of your hand.


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