Cyclops™ Safety Cameras, Nordics

Part Number: 010-11513-00
Downloadable Item


The number and locations of speed cameras around the world is ever-changing. Drive aware, alert and assured with updates to the powerful speed camera database inside your device.

With this safety camera service, your device is linked to the Cyclops database, which is maintained daily and contains information about fixed, average speed, mobile, variable, temporary/roadwork, red light and red light speed cameras.

As you approach a camera, your device sounds an alert. Certain models display a speed limit warning. The Cyclops driver safety system is powered by smart GPS software, which recognizes the road and direction of travel to provide route-relevant alerts without false warnings.

The 1-year subscription provides unlimited safety camera downloads for a region for 1 year, keeping you up-to-date as safety cameras are relocated or added in your area.

Not sure if you are interested in a subscription? A one-time download or 30-day free trial may be available for your region.



Use with 1 Device Only

This product may be used on 1 compatible device. You must purchase separate quantities for each registered device. To get the safety camera updates, you will need to download them to your device via USB cable.

Compatible Devices