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Sport Aviation
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Integrated glass flight deck system for high-end kitplanes. Provides control and display of virtually all avionics and instrument functions.

G300 for Cessna SkyCatcher

An affordable all-glass flight display system designed for Cessna Model 162 SkyCatcher light sport aircraft. Integrates all primary flight, engine and moving map information, with position data provided by a built-in high-sensitivity GPS receiver.


G3X is designed for non-certified installation in LSA and experimental aircraft, combining MFD and PFD reference with electronic engine gauges, built-in GPS, digital ADAHRS and detailed moving map with obstacle/terrain databases and much more.


An affordable, full-featured remote digital transponder for Mode S traffic surveillance.

GMA™ 240

Versatile non-TSO’d audio panel designed for experimental and light sport (LSA) aircraft. Includes 4-place stereo intercom and support for 2 stereo music inputs.