HEU060R- Germany Inland Waters

Número de referencia: 010-D1339-00
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Mapa de coberturas interactivo

See your vessel’s precise, on-chart position in relation to navaids, coastal features, anchorages, obstructions, waterways, restricted areas and more with this detailed marine mapping data. Also includes Safety Shading and Fishing Charts (in compatible units), smooth data transition between zoom levels, harmonious transition across chart borders and reduction of chart discontinuities in coverage areas.


  • Includes realistic navigation features showing everything from shaded depth contours and coastlines to spot soundings, navaids, port plans, wrecks, obstructions, intertidal zones, restricted areas, IALA symbols and more.
  • Features smooth displays, including seamless transitions between zoom levels and more continuity across chart boundaries.
  • Allows users to choose between standard 2-D direct overhead or 3-D "over the bow" map perspective to make chart reading and orientation easier.
  • Provides Safety Shading (in compatible units), allowing mariners to enable contour shading for all depth contours shallower than user-defined safe depths.
  • Provides Fishing Charts (in compatible units), allowing mariners to scope out bottom contours and depth soundings with less visual clutter on the display.
  • Allows users to conveniently plan and organize routes, from your computer, before your trip with HomePort™, compatible trip-planning software (sold separately).


Download Requirements

File Information

The file size of this download and space required on your microSD/SD card is 126 MB. It is not recommended that this download be loaded directly to your device. It only can be loaded to a prepared or blank microSD™/SD™ card (Recycled microSD cards may be used to program map data).

Please note: Up to 500 MB of additional space may be required for software updates.


A download can be purchased, but will not be available for download and use, unless the device it will be used on is registered.

Use with One Device Only

This product may be unlocked and used on 1 compatible device. If you want to use this same map on subsequent units, you must purchase a new map for each device.

Data downloaded to a microSD/SD card is associated with the device you select during the download process. Please purchase additional quantities for additional devices.

For fixed-mount Garmin marine devices, you will be required to enter the serial number or unit ID for your device. Downloaded charts only can be used on the device with this serial number or unit ID. If you own a compatible Garmin Marine Network multi-function display (MFD), the chart card must reside in the device for which the serial number was provided. This device will provide the charts to other devices on the marine network, but the card will not be recognized if inserted into any other device. To ensure that marine BlueChart® g2 and g2 Vision® cards are usable without restrictions, Garmin recommends ordering pre-programmed cards or going to a retailer.

Product Compatibility

Map downloads are non refundable. Check compatibility before purchasing.

Not all features of this map will work with nüvi® devices. See our FAQ for details.

A card reader and microSD/SD card are required to download mapping to the following Garmin devices: eTrex® Legend Cx/HCx, Vista Cx/HCx, Venture Cx; GPSMAP® 60CSx/60Cx; GPSMAP 76CSx/76Cx; Rino® 520HCx/530HCx; Astro® 220; StreetPilot® 7200/7500 (Not all devices are compatible with all downloads).

Download Times

High speed Internet required. Not for use with dial-up Internet access or satellite Internet providers. Actual download speeds may vary.

Expiration Date

You have 1 year from your date of purchase to download this file from your myGarmin™ account.

Minimum Requirements

The download process requires you to install the free Garmin Communicator Plugin on your computer. The download is installed directly to a microSD/SD card and is not accessible on the computer without the addition of HomePort™. With HomePort, maps downloaded to a microSD/SD card may be viewed on your Windows compatible computer.

  • Windows® XP SP3 or newer
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 1024 x 768 display
  • USB port
  • High speed Internet access.
  • Any Intel-based Mac or PowerPC G4 or later Mac
  • OS X 10.4.11 or later
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 1024 x 768 display
  • USB port
  • High speed Internet access.
Card Requirements

Map downloads are non refundable. Check compatibility before purchasing.

To view and use the maps on this card, you must have a Garmin device with a microSD™/SD™ card slot. Maps on a prepared microSD/SD card can only be viewed on a PC with HomePort™.

Reduced price map updates are not available for these cards. If you want to update the maps, you must purchase a new card that includes the latest map data.

Not all features of this map will work with nüvi® devices. See our FAQ for details.

The preprogrammed card package includes a microSD card and an SD card adapter.


Coverage Image

Cobertura detallada del mar alemán del Norte y la costa Báltica, y el sistema de vías navegables interiores alemán, incluido el río Rin completo, el río Mano hasta Bamberg, el río Danubio hasta Budapest, el río Saar, el río Mosela hasta Metz, Francia; el río Ems, el río Weser, el río Elba hasta Dresde, el río Havel, el canal completo de Rin-Mano-Danubio, el canal de Oder-Havel, el canal de Elba-Havel, el canal de Elba-Seiten, el Müritz, el canal de Kiel, el canal de Mittelland, el lago de Constanza, el lago Zurich, el lago Balatón y otros muchos lagos, como el Chiem, el Attersee y el Neusiedl.

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