Apollo GX65

Número de referencia: 999-99999-64

Descripción general

The GX65 is an advanced navigation and communication solution in a single two inch package. No other GPS/Comm can deliver the transmit power, the high definition moving map display, the TSO certified navigation and the communication performance of the GX65. The Apollo GX65 is a VFR and IFR enroute & terminal certified GPS receiver loaded with features including a high definition moving map display on a large sun light viewable screen. The aircraft's position relative to airports, runways, VORs, NDBs, intersections, and SUAs can be easily viewed on the large moving map display. Operation is streamlined and pilot workload reduced through the use of Smart Keys. Airspaces and navaids can be added or deleted from the map with a single press of a button. The GX65 is TSO-C129a Class A2 approved for IFR enroute & terminal operation.

En la caja

  • GX65 IFR GPS/Comm
  • A-33 GPS Antenna Kit
  • Install Kit
  • Manual Kit