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BlueChart® Meri- ja Järvikartat.
Viimeisimmät Meri- ja Järvikartat. Takuulla.

Lähde vesille tietäen, että karttasi ovat ajantasalla New Chart Guaranteen avulla.

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Garmin HomePort - Reitinsuunnittelu ohjelmisto.

Voit kehitellä ja muokata matkasi rauhassa tietokoneen ääressä. HomePort- ohjelmalla voit käyttää SD-korteille esiladattuja Garmin-karttoja reittisuunnittelun pohjaksi.

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Katso ja valitse sopiva BlueChart g2 tai g2 Vision alue.

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Garmin software makes it easy to plan your next voyage using your BlueChart® g2, BlueChart® g2 Vision®, LakeVü™ HD or LakeVü HD Ultra map data on your computer. In addition to helping you manage waypoints, routes and tracks, HomePort is fully integrated with ActiveCaptain™ content that provides marina data, reviews, local knowledge, anchorages and hazards. Plus, it helps predict fuel usage, tides, depth profiles and much more.

Garmin LakeVü™ HD

These highly detailed freshwater maps include 17,000+ U.S. lakes, rivers and reservoirs. Included in those are more than 6,700 HD lakes with 1-foot contours shoreline to shoreline; excellent detail of underwater features plus Safety Shading that allows you to designate a minimum depth; interstates, highways, general roads and bridges; designated fishing areas; and points of interest, such as docks, boat ramps, marinas and campgrounds.