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Fly with confidence without breaking your budget with GPSMAP 495. This “mini-MFD” portable includes the advanced features of the 496 — minus XM™ compatibility and preloaded maps — at a price you’ll love. It comes loaded with SafeTaxi® airport diagrams, AOPA’s Airport Directory data, Garmin’s Smart Airspace™, super-fast update speed, enhanced terrain and aviation databases and more. Add optional mapping to this versatile handheld for use on land or water.

View Your Position on Taxiways

Garmin SafeTaxi data provides detailed taxiway diagrams and position information for designated airports thorughout the U.S., Europe and Canada. Preloaded on the unit, this information helps you navigate unfamiliar airports with confidence and shows your aircraft’s exact position on the field.

Access AOPA Airport Directory

Easily look up taxi services, plan an overnight, choose fuel stops and more with the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) Airport Directory included on GPSMAP 495. It offers detailed information for over 5,300 U.S. airports along with airports of entry for Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. It includes the names and phone numbers of thousands of FBOs, plus ground transportation, lodging, restaurants, local attractions and more.

Receive Altitude-Sensitive Alerts

When in the air, Garmin’s Smart Airspace feature makes it easier than ever to identify what airspace lies ahead. Smart Airspace automatically highlights airspace close to your current altitude and de-emphasizes airspace well above or below your altitude, which gives you increased situational awareness.

Enjoy Faster Update Rate

For added realism and safety, the 496’s map data and “panel page” gauges at five times per second (5 Hz), a significantly faster update rate compared to most traditional GPS devices. You get a smoother, near real-time presentation of your aircraft’s analog indicators, such as the HSI and turn coordinator.

Enhance Situational Awareness

GPSMAP 495 features a built-in Jeppesen database and an Americas, Atlantic or Pacific terrain database. It also includes an obstacles database for the U.S. or Europe. Using this information, the 495 displays your flight route over contour terrain mapping. The higher-resolution terrain database includes over ten times as much data as the 296’s for even more visual reference. With information from the terrain and obstacles databases, the 495 monitors your current position in relation to surrounding terrain to provide alerts. Even customize your own minimum clearance levels to receive terrain cautions. The addition of private airports and heliports to the database provides even more navigation and emergency "nearest" options. Add a Garmin Mode S transponder, and the 495 will display TIS traffic alerts that identify surrounding air traffic.

Navigate by Air, Land or Sea

Simply press a button to switch GPSMAP 495 to automotive or marine mode. The 495 comes with a built-in routable basemap. Add optional MapSource® City Navigator® detailed street maps to receive voice-prompted turn-by-turn directions to addresses and points of interest. For a great day on the water, customize the water resistant 495 with optional BlueChart® marine cartography.

Online Jeppeson NavData WAAS enabled BlueChart g2 Compatible BlueChart compatible SafeTaxi


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Caractéristiques physiques et performances

Physical dimensions 5.7"W x 3.2"H x 1.9"D (14.5 x 8.1 x 4.8 cm)
Display size, WxH 3.2"W x 2.1"H (8.1 x 5.3 cm); 3.8" diag (9.7 cm)
Display resolution, WxH 480 x 320 pixels
Display type 256 color TFT with backlighting
Weight 14.2 ounces (400 g)
Battery rechargeable lithium-ion
Battery life up to 15 hours (Battery Saver mode, no backlighting)
Indice de résistance à l'eau Non
SBAS/WAAS receiver 12 channel
Compatible avec XM WX Weather & Radio pour les Etats-Unis Non
Voltage range 11-40
Compatible avec les alertes TIS (Traffic Information Services, services d'informations sur le trafic) Oui

Cartes et mémoire

Carte de base Oui
Cartes préchargées Non
Possibilité d'ajouter des cartes Oui
Built-in memory internal solid state
Accepts data cards yes (Garmin data cards)
Points d'intérêt personnalisés (possibilité d'ajouter des points d'intérêt supplémentaires) Oui (mode Auto)
Waypoints/favorites/locations 3,000
Routes 50

Bases de données

Base de données Jeppesen® Oui
Navigation database coverage areas Americas or Atlantic or Pacific
Types of Jeppesen data full and ARTCC, FSS frequencies and final approach waypoints
Preloaded Terrain database Oui
Preloaded Obstacle database Oui
Plans d'aéroport SafeTaxi™ Oui (Etats-Unis uniquement)
Répertoire des aéroports AOPA Oui (Etats-Unis uniquement)
Preloaded Garmin FliteCharts® Non
Preloaded low & high altitude enroute airways Non
Preloaded private airports Non

Fonctions de navigation

Annonce les noms de rue (par ex. : « Tournez à droite dans la Rue des Ormes à 150 mètres. ») Non
Compatible avec la fonction de radio-trafic FM Non
Assistant de voies de circulation Non
Indication des limitations de vitesse (affiche les limitations de vitesse pour les routes principales d'Europe et des Etats Unis) Non

Fonctions portatives pour l'aéronautique

Carte défilante Oui
Page Instruments Oui
Indicateur de position horizontale intégré Oui
IFR map mode Non
Alarmes sonores de terrain Oui
Terrain resolution standard
Fonctionnalité Smart Airspace (génère et envoie des alertes en fonction de l'altitude) Oui
Journal de bord automatique Oui
Interfaces série et USB distinctes Oui
Affichage de la carte en 3D Non

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