HERE Premium Traffic — North America

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Before purchasing traffic services, check under the Traffic Settings on your device to see if it already includes traffic services. You may just need to activate your traffic receiver.

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Avoid traffic tie-ups with this premium lifetime traffic service delivered right to your compatible Garmin device.

  • Transmits real-time traffic news and updates for all major routes.
  • Routes you around construction, accidents, lane closings and other obstructions.
  • Provides lifetime traffic services — no subscription or renewal fees

Provided in partnership with HERE Traffic.



Device and Traffic Receiver

You will need a compatible device and compatible traffic receiver to use this service. Make sure your device is compatible and that you have the required additional traffic receiver before purchasing this service.

If you have a device that is bundled with traffic, you DO NOT need to purchase standalone traffic service, unless you would like traffic services for a map region that did not come preloaded on your device. Additionally, some regions require a separate, unique traffic receiver.


This traffic service will only work on a compatible device that has City Navigator® NT maps for the traffic coverage area. In other words, if the traffic service is for North America, you must have the corresponding City Navigator NT North America map on your compatible device for traffic to work.

Terms and Conditions


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This lifetime traffic service by HERE delivers real-time traffic news and updates for 98 metropolitan markets in North America (including Canada).

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