Mapas marítimos

Gráficos ricos e detalhados

Orientação automática, imagens de satélite de alta resolução e perspectiva 3-D sobre ou embaixo da água com o BlueChart g2 Vision.

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BlueChart® g2 Vision®

BlueChart® g2 Vision® HD coastal charts now feature exclusive Garmin Auto Guidance 3.0 technology, 1-foot HD contours and improved city and port labeling to enhance fishing and navigation.

BlueChart® g2 HD

BlueChart® g2 HD coastal charts now feature 1-foot HD contours and improved labels, making them more effective for coastal fishing charts and swamps, canals and port plans.


Garmin software makes it easy to plan your next voyage using your BlueChart® g2, BlueChart® g2 Vision®, LakeVü™ HD or LakeVü HD Ultra map data on your computer. In addition to helping you manage waypoints, routes and tracks, HomePort is fully integrated with ActiveCaptain™ content that provides marina data, reviews, local knowledge, anchorages and hazards. Plus, it helps predict fuel usage, tides, depth profiles and much more.