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Designed exclusively for installation with our G3X™ electronic flight display system in light sport and experimental/kitbuilt aircraft, the GTX 23 is an affordable, full-featured remote digital transponder for Mode S traffic surveillance.

Get Next Generation ADS-B Technology

With Extended Squitter technology, the GTX 23 provides an affordable pathway to ADS-B compliance for the FAA’s proposed Next Generation airspace system. When coupled with an approved position source – like our GTN series avionics – the extended squitter technology in the GTX 23 allows you to automatically transmit more accurate and useful traffic surveillance data – including aircraft flight ID, position, altitude, velocity, climb/descent, and heading information.

Monitor Traffic with TIS

With support for Traffic Information Services (TIS) alerts, the GTX 23 allows you to see the same traffic information your ATC controller is watching. TIS is a ground-based service that provides the relative location of all transponder-equipped aircraft in your airspace. This information is then displayed graphically on your G3X display or on an integrated Garmin GPS/Nav/Comm system.

Enjoy Seamless Integration

In addition to TIS traffic datalink capability, the GTX 23 features 250 W of power output, auto standby and easy entry of squawk codes using the controls on your G3X cockpit displays. Plus the fact that it’s remotely mounted means you save valuable real estate in your panel. Better still, because it’s an all solid-state design, the unit offers low power consumption and heat emissions, which ultimately translate into superior reliability and extra-long service life.


Dados físicos e de desempenho

Physical dimensions 6.92"W x 1.78"H x 11.05"D (17.6 x 4.5 x 28.1 cm)
Display type digital
Weight 4.31 lb (1.95 kg)
Voltage range 11-33
Transmit power 250 watts
Montado em painel Não
Transponder type mode A/C and S
Squawk code selection remote entry through G3X PFD
Compatível com Alertas de Serviços de Informações de Tráfego (TIS) Sim

Funcionalidades de transponder

Transmissor de estado sólido (mais eficiente, vida útil mais longa) Sim
Alertas verbais Sim
Apresentação de temperatura de ar exterior Não
Apresentação de altitude por pressão Não
Função do monitor de altitude Não
Apresentação de altitude por densidade Não
Cronómetros integrados Não
Modo ALT/GND automático Sim
Diversidade (suporta antenas superiores e inferiores para melhorar a visibilidade das aeronaves equipas com TCAS) Não

Na caixa

  • GTX 23 ES transponder
  • Installation kit

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