PC Trainer for the GTN Series

Número de referência: 010-00478-00
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This PC Trainer simulates the behavior of the GTN Series interface and provides you with a safer environment to learn the basic operation of the system.

Due to its graphic memory, this system must be the only application running on your PC. In some cases, even though your computer meets the minimum PC requirements, the simulator may not function properly. This is due to the unique configuration of each computer and the extra processes and procedures that are utilized by that computer.


GTN PC Trainer version 5.00 and higher include:

  • Simulated touch and drag interface – interact with the system, graphically edit flight plans, and much more using the mouse cursor
  • Garmin SafeTaxi — view detailed airport information on the moving map
  • Garmin FliteCharts — view published approach charts
  • High resolution worldwide terrain maps and TAWS-B audible alerts
  • Interactive ADS-B Target Trend traffic simulation
  • Combination GTN/GDU 620 mode – interfaces with the G500/G600 PC Trainer and additional on-screen flight controls to provide a more complete glass cockpit experience
  • GDL 69 SiriusXM® and GDL 88 FIS-B weather data simulation
  • GWX 70 weather radar simulation
  • GSR 56 Iridium worldwide weather Europe demo (see PC Trainer User’s Guide)
  • Resizable application windows to fit most screen resolutions
  • Electronic manuals – includes Trainer User’s Guide, Pilot’s Guides and Cockpit Reference Guides for GTN and G500/G600, as well as WAAS FDE Prediction Program instructions


These requirements are essential for successful installation and operation of the combination GTN/GDU 620 PC Trainer. Standalone GTN Trainer mode may still operate if your system does not meet these requirements; however, your system must meet these requirements to be eligible for additional support.

Minimum Requirements

  • 2.4GHz dual core processor or equivalent
  • Windows® XP or higher
  • 4 GB free hard disk space; 5GB for installation
  • Microsoft DirectX 9.0c or higher
  • Video Card: ATI or NVIDIA with 256MB memory recommended
  • Screen resolution: 1280 x 1024 or higher
  • DVD drive

See User Guide for dual screen requirements.

Dispositivos compatíveis