Forerunner® 50

Número de referência: 010-00679-05


Jump start your training with Forerunner 50. This sleek sport watch is ideal for running, cycling¹ and other fitness activities, and is available with a wireless heart rate monitor or foot pod or both. Plus it automatically transmits workouts to your computer so you can analyze, store and share data using our online community, Garmin Connect™.

Get the Data You Need

Train inside or outdoors. The affordable Forerunner 50 provides you with instant workout data including training time, pace, distance, lap pace, lap time, lap distance, average and best pace, calories, maximum and average heart rate.² It also records both lap and detailed data. Available in 3 different versions (see versions tab), Forerunner 50 comes bundled with different accessories to help you track your progress for whatever moves you.

Listen to Your Heart

Forerunner 50 with wireless heart rate effectively tracks and records your heart rate while you work out, providing instant feedback about how hard your heart is working. The included digital heart rate monitor continuously tracks heart beats per minute which is wirelessly transmitted to the Forerunner 50. Even train in a certain heart rate zone to improve your fitness level. And well after your workout is done, Forerunner 50 is still working, wirelessly transmitting your training data to your PC.

Measure Speed and Distance

Forerunner 50 packaged with Garmin's wireless foot pod lets you track your running speed, distance and calories burned while on the treadmill or pavement. Just snap the foot pod into a clip on your shoe laces, and it’s ready to send data to Forerunner 50 as soon as you start moving. After your workout, Forerunner 50 automatically transfers your data to your computer when within range.

Track Your Ride

When paired with an optional speed/cadence sensor, Forerunner 50 tracks the speed and distance of your cycling workouts. The wireless speed/cadence sensor attaches securely to your bike and measures your pedaling cadence and wheel speed as you ride. You can even use it to train indoors because the sensor attaches to your rear wheel.

Run, Sync, Store and Share

You’ve logged the miles and now you want to store them. With Garmin’s innovative optional ANT+® wireless technology, your workouts are automatically transferred to your computer when your device is within range. No cables, no hookups. The data’s just there, ready for you to analyze, categorize and share through our online community, Garmin Connect.

¹Bike mount and speed/cadence sensor are available as optional accessories

²Features may vary per version.

ANT Dynastream


Dados físicos e de desempenho

Dimensões físicas 1.7" x 2.3" x 0.8" (4.2 x 5.8 x 2.0 cm)
Tamanho do ecrã, LxA .9" x 0.7" (2.4 x 1.8 cm)
Peso 1.5 oz (42.5 g)
Bateria coin cell battery (CR2032)
Vida útil da bateria 1 year
Classificação de resistência à 00e1gua 3 ATM

Mapas e memória

Pontos de passagem/favoritos/locais 0 (sport watch is not GPS-enabled)
Rotas 0 (sport watch is not GPS-enabled)
Historial de volta 100 laps or up to 7 hours of data

Funcionalidades de ciclismo

Sensor de cadência/velocidade de bicicleta Sim (opcional)

Funcionalidades de corrida e ciclismo

Sensor de ritmo cardíaco Sim (algumas versões)
Podómetro Sim (opcional)
Auto Lap® (inicia automaticamente uma nova volta)
Alerta de ritmo (o alarme é accionado se sair do ritmo predefinido)
Intervalo no treino (defina os intervalos do exercício e de descanso) Sim (só alarmes)
Ecrã(s) personalizável(eis)

Garmin Connect®

Compatível com Garmin Connect™ (comunidade on-line onde pode analisar, categorizar e partilhar os dados)
Sincronização automática (transfere automaticamente os dados para o seu computador)



Watch functions include time of day (12/24h), dual time zone, calendar (day/date), daily alarm.

Garmin Connect is compatible with Windows® XP or newer and Intel-based Mac running OS 10.4.11 or later with Safari.

Na caixa

  • Forerunner 50 watch
  • USB ANT Stick™
  • One of the options below (see versions tab):
    • Heart rate monitor or
    • Foot pod or
    • Heart rate monitor and foot pod
  • Owner's Manual