Aplicação de navegação e kit para automóvel

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Garmin StreetPilot Navigation App + Car Kit

Transform your iPhone® 5 into a dedicated navigation device with the Garmin StreetPilot® Designer Car Kit. Keep an eye on the road whilst your iPhone is safely mounted in the stylish designer car mount.

The StreetPilot* app with maps for Western Europe is available to download from the App Store direct to your iPhone using a redemption code included in this pack.


Premium Navigation

Garmin StreetPilot App gives iPhone users an intuitive Garmin interface for navigation whilst on the move – without tapping into your dataplan. With ultra-fast map drawing, panning and zooming, preloaded maps of Western Europe and Points of Interest offer coverage even when there is little or no mobile signal available. Our Premium navigation engine provides features such as Garmin's exclusive PhotoReal junction view; which shows digitised junctions and road signs in incredible, plus lane guidance and 3D buildings.


Crowd Sourced Safety Cameras**

The Speedwatch® safety camera service is provided by Garmin, in conjunction with Cyclops – the market leader in safety cameras, and is included with every purchase of the StreetPilot app. The service includes not just fixed safety cameras and potential mobile sites but also includes crowd sourced mobile camera reports from the whole Speedwatch® & Garmin community - to ensure you travel safely, legally and speed-consciously.


Avoid the traffic with 3D Traffic 'Live'

Drivers can upgrade their Garmin Street Pilot App to include Garmin's latest traffic technology; 3D Traffic live services for super fast traffic alerts and extended traffic coverage, keeping you connected at all times. For the complete traffic picture add our innovative PhotoLive traffic Camera service, and gain access to 'Live' roadside cameras.


Save time and money with other 'Live' services

Also available as an in-app purchase is trustworthy information on the best fuel prices, parking space availability and weather radar.

*The redemption code for the Streetpilot App needs to be used by 31st January 2014.

** Where available