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discontinued product

Forerunner® 205

Part Number: 010-00466-00

Q. How can I reset an Edge or Forerunner 205/305 unit that has locked up?

A. If your device has locked up during use, you can reset your unit by pressing the "Mode"(reset/lap) and "Power" buttons at the same time. In addition, please make sure that the device has the latest software version available. To update the software, please use the following link:


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  2. Why won't my Forerunner 201/301 unit power on even when plugged into the charger?
  3. My Edge 205/305 unit will not power on after being removed from the charging source. How can I get it to turn on?

Q. How do I transfer Training Center data from my PC to my Macintosh?

A. On your PC please follow these easy steps:

  1. Update PC Training Center to the latest version. Click here to download file.
  2. Export history to a tcx file.
  3. Export workouts to a tcx file.
  4. Export courses to a tcx file.

All of the data above can be saved to a standard USB jump drive for crossover purposes.

On your Mac please follow these easy steps:

  1. Install and run Garmin Training Center for Macintosh
  2. Plug in your Garmin device. This will automatically create your profile.
  3. Access your exported PC files on your jump drive.
  4. Import the history tcx file.
  5. Import the workout tcx file.
  6. Import the course tcx file.

Q. Why won't my Forerunner 205/305 turn on after charging?

A. If the Forerunner device has locked up during charging, it may need to be reset to power back on. To do this, please hold down the "Mode" and "Reset" buttons at the same time and then press the "Power" button to turn the Forerunner on.

Once the three buttons are released, the Forerunner should power on correctly.

Updating the unit's operating software is also recommended. Please download the WebUpdater software update tool to complete the software update.

If this key sequence or the software update do not resolve the lockup please call or email Garmin technical support for further assistance. Please click here for contact information.