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discontinued product

eTrex Venture® Cx

Part Number: 010-00560-00

Q. Can I load detailed maps onto the eTrex Venture CX?

A. Yes. With the purchase of a compatible USB cable and a microSD Card (up to 1 GB), MapSource mapping products can be loaded onto the eTrex Venture Cx unit. The size of the microSD card will determine how many detailed maps can be loaded onto the device.

Q. How do I manually input latitude and longitude coordinates into my eTrex Color GPS?

A. To manually enter in the coordinates for a waypoint, follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold the Thumbstick for more than 2 seconds
  2. This will bring up a Mark Waypoint screen on the display
  3. Scroll up to the "current coordinates" and select it using the thumbstick
  4. A new box pops up allowing you to enter in the new coordinates
  5. Once you have entered the coordinates for your desired location select OK.
  6. Select OK in the bottom right corner to save all of your changes and the coordinates are entered and ready to use

Q. What is the largest size microSD card that I can use in my X-series GPS unit?

A. At this time, the 2 GB cards are the largest microSD cards that can be used for the X-series GPS units. However, the X-series GPS units are not compatible with the San Disk Ultra II cards and we do not recommend using the Ultra II micro SD cards with any of the X units.

Q. The battery door that came with the bicycle mount (or automotive mount, or marine mount) does not fit on my eTrex Legend C, Legend Cx, Vista C, or Vista Cx . How do I attach the unit to the bracket?

A. The eTrex Legend C, Legend Cx, Vista C, and Vista Cx all come with an adapter that screws into the battery door that comes with the unit. Simply attach this adapter to the battery door and then you will be able to slide the unit onto the compatible bicycle, automotive, or marine mounting bracket that you purchased. The battery door that comes with these brackets is intended to be used with the monochrome eTrex models.

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Q. Is there a particular manufacturer of the micro SD cards that is recommended for use with the X series GPS units?

A. Although any brand of the micro SD card should work without any problems, Garmin recommends using SanDisk or Kingston brand cards. The only exception is that the SanDisk Ultra II 1 Gb cards are currently not compatible with the "x" series Garmin GPS units.