BC™ 20 Brezžična Kamera

Koda artikla: 010-12043-01
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Take the worry out of reversing with the BC 20 wireless backup camera. It works alongside your RV 760LMT, nüvi® 2798LMT or dēzl 760LMT¹ to seamlessly display footage right on your navigator. Easily spot vehicles, pedestrians and other obstructions right on your screen as you reverse. The transmitter will send camera footage to your navigator’s receiver mount up to 45 ft (13.7 m) away. Range varies based on installation. Some vehicles may require an extension cable (sold separately).

To install, take the BC 20 to your dealer (recommended) or mount the camera yourself on the rear of your vehicle and connect it to a power source, such as the rear lights. The BC 20 is rugged enough to withstand even the harshest of weather.

A simple button press will toggle between camera and navigation modes. Or if the camera is wired to your reverse lights for power, your navigator can automatically display camera footage every time the vehicle is shifted into reverse (and back to navigation mode when shifted into a forward gear.)

Backup Camera

¹Requires software version 3.00 or later. Update may be required.

Getting Started:

Instructions for installation, mounting, configuring, pairing and setting up the BC 20²

²Professional installation recommended.


Tipalo kamere

1/3,7-palčno tipalo CMOS

Ločljivost kamere

640 x 480

Vidni kot kamere

115 stopinj (navpično);
140 stopinj (vodoravno)

Nazivna vodotesnost


Vrsta brezžičnega prenosa

Radiofrekvenčni pas ISM na frekvenci 2,4 GHz

Razdalja brezžičnega prenosa

13,5 m (45 čevljev), Severna Amerika;

10 m (32 čevljev), po vsem svetu

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